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From regional consumer trends to global megatrends – the world of cosmetics is multifaceted. It protects, it cares, it decorates – and it makes you feel good. We at BASF Personal Care are inspired and want to inspire and inform here in our little cosmos of well-being.

Whether it's explanations of ingredients or formulations, consumer questions or interesting facts from research, development and history – we provide solutions for body and hair care, sun protection and give answers. 

Reading tips

  • Trends & research

    Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic. The virus has not just kept the whole world guessing. It has also changed the world. COVID-19 has left its mark on cosmetics and personal care as well. Some trends are in fact positive. Positive meaning good, not positive meaning an infection.

  • Skin and skin types 600x500 millenials_shutterstock_558373975

    Since 1975, the different skin types have been divided into categories which are still valid today. Knowing your skin type is helpful so you can plan how to protect your skin.

  • Sun protection

    Sunscreens must protect skin and not harm nature. But how can the consumer know that the new cream is also environmentally friendly? The BASF EcoSun Pass takes you closer to the answer.

  • Hair and scalp

    We are blessed with an abundant quantity of hair. We have several million of them. Only our hands, lips, soles of our feet, fingernails and toenails are hair free. Hair, part of our largest organ, our skin. The fact that they are "only" referred to as appendages does not do them justice.

Topic of the month: Skin

As an outer shell, it protects the body. It is an organ, but it doesn't look like a heart, liver or lungs. Let's take a closer look at the skin. Healthy colour, as flawless as possible, without wrinkles - beautiful skin is desirable for many people. 

Evolution has ingeniously designed it. The skin: the largest organ of our body and the organ with the most direct contact to the environment. It has many functions, forms a protective layer against environmental influences and we and other people see it - this makes its appearance and health so important.


Well Aging

Peels support your skin

Skin peels: You’ve almost certainly heard of them, but are they part of your personal care routine? A peel allows you to nourish and support your skin. There are various products that are suitable for different skin types.

Trends & research

Skin pH: It needs to be mildly acidic

When buying new skincare products, it is important to make sure the cream, lotion, etc. has the right hydrogen ion concentration. Sounds complicated? Never heard of it before? You definitely have, because we’re actually talking about pH.


Babies' skin: As much as needed, as little as possible

Adults have a deep-seated instinct that makes them want to care for and protect babies and children. Even though your little one’s skin is still delicate and sensitive, there's no need to panic immediately about minor changes in the skin in the first few weeks after birth. In many cases, the skin is just learning. There are a wealth of skin care products available.

Core competencies

Hair – more than just a matter of the head

Hair has a great influence on our well-being. Whether it's the right hairstyle, a cool beard or stunning eyelashes: hair decorates and makes us look good.

Hair, its structure, the right care: Browse and discover more hairy matters.

Skin – simply feel good

With a combination of nature, nutrition and healthy, sustainable cosmetics, a time-out has a direct, active benefit. When you feel the cool water on your bare feet, you know you’ve left the daily routine behind.

Click through our little skin cosmos and learn interesting facts from the world of skin, skin care, trends and research.

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