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BASF Personal Care is not only providing sustainable active ingredients, but has implemented a new Responsibly Active program joining the call for action by setting clear commitments and action plans to tackle priority issues for the next years to come.

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Rambuvital® is an extract of rambutan seeds which vitalizes and protects both the scalp and hair follicle against pollution.

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Lipofructyl® Argan LS 9779

Argan oil, traditional beauty secret of the Moroccan women.
Prepared by a 100% female cooperative network, working for the preservation of the argania forest and the improvement of social status of Moroccan women.

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Dulcemin® PW Bio

100% protein from sweet almond organically grown in Spain, minimizing the side effects of daily life stress. A natural cure for stressed skin and hair; protects and hydrates fragile baby skin.

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Irwinol® LS 9890

Botanical butter, extracted from the edible fruit of the exotic “Wild Mango” Irvingia gabonensis. Repair wax for skin and lips; improves hair volume, brightness and ease of combing.

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The skin barrier is essential for the protection of the human body against the environment. Lipids and structural elements of the stratum corneum provide a physical barrier.  

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Sqisandryl® LS 9905

Standardized supercritical carbon dioxide extract of the Chinese five-flavor berry. Revitalizing skin and especially focusing skin of the mature 60+ target group. New vitality for the hair follicle and supporting hair growth.

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Hydagen® Aquaporin

BASF now makes one of the best-known Aquaporin-stimulating substances available to the broad cosmetic market: the active matter of Hydagen®Aquaporin is made of highly concentrated glyceryl glucoside. Clinical studies prove that Hydagen®Aquaporin boosts the moisturizing capacity of glycerin, for an instant and 24 hours hydration.

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A natural way to reduce melanin formation, improving age spots and lightening the skin in a milder way than hydroquinone, but with a comparable performance after six weeks of treatment.

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Arganyl® LS 9781

For many years, the cosmetics industry has focused on intrinsic skin ageing proposing regular solutions to reverse various age-related effects. Nevertheless, signs of ageing are largely result from "environmental" sources, meaning all the external factors that affect our skin's quality and youthfulness.

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The cutaneous diet for a pure and mattified skin. While 35 percent of people worldwide grapple with oily skin, the topical solutions available are often not suitable for African types of skin. This skin type not only tends to produce more sebum, it also has a different composition of sebum and skin lipids, and shininess can be more pronounced. A clinical study now confirmed that BASF’s Bix’Activ® is especially effective on oily African skin.

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Collalift® 18

Extracted from Khaya senegalensis, Collalift®18 transfers the structuring properties of the bark to the skin: by stimulating Collagen XVIII, which wraps the inner skin layers, Collalift®18 creates a sheathing effect to the entire skin structure for an invigorated and harmonious beauty.

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To reverse signs of ageing effectively and protect us against lifestyle damage, BASF experts are taking us deep into the fibroblasts with Dermagenist®, a marjoram extract rich in Vicenin and Luteolin-7-0-glucuronide, to re-establish their functions.

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Eperuline® PW LS 9627

For the skin, inflammaging results in the reduction of tone, firmness and barrier function. To break the vicious circle of silent micro inflammation, BASF experts developed Eperuline®.

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DN-Age™ PW LS 9827

BASF Beauty Creations has taken inspiration from plant defense strategies to supply human hair follicles with protection against UV and stress-induced DNA damage which accelerates hair aging. DN-Age™ has demonstrated its benefits to preserving hair from graying and keeping with its strength properties.

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Argassential® BC09959

In the trend of online tutorials, facial contouring is now part of our beauty routines. As face's attractiveness is based on the proportions of the eyes, nose, lips and cheeks, today's cosmetics is seeking to sculpt the volumes for a 3D action

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All species have a role to play in preserving the balance of nature. While the Sea Buckthorn possesses an ecological protective function, BASF experts have found that it also has the power to balance key skin functions.

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Atopic prone skin is a complex skin condition affecting consumers all around the world, impacting both their physical as well as their mental health. Castaline® is a multifunctional, mild solution to calm atopic prone skin and to contribute to its visual improvement.

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Nephydrat™ BC10061

Innovation is not just about science, but also about improving the way to develop ingredients and offering products to answer a responsible way to consume. Nephydrat™ is an extract of rambutan peel which helps to moisturize the skin and provides it with energy.

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The miracle proteins of Moringa, extracted from the seeds of the “miracle tree”. Stress and pollution protection for hair.

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A refreshing fruit to refresh the skin. Litchiderm®, rich in anti-oxidants, helps protect skin and hair from damages by sun exposure. New studies demonstrate its ability to inhibit the transition of harmless into harmful bacteria (“Quorum Sensing”).

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Purisoft® PW LS 9836

The miracle proteins of Moringa, extracted from the seeds of the “miracle tree”. Stress and pollution protection for skin and hair.


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Through its action on several major biological targets involved in collagens synthesis and elastic fiber assembly, Nephoria® stimulates both collagen and elastic fibers formation, increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles appearance to help the skin look visibly younger.