At BASF Care Creations, we provide unique solutions for beauty, with dedicated bioactives for all skin ethnicities and skin types, targeting unique epigenetic and microbiome pathways, and of course, with a well characterized active matter.



The cutaneous diet for a pure and mattified skin. While 35 percent of people worldwide grapple with oily skin, the topical solutions available are often not suitable for African types of skin. This skin type not only tends to produce more sebum, it also has a different composition of sebum and skin lipids, and shininess can be more pronounced. A clinical study now confirmed that BASF’s Bix’Activ® is especially effective on oily African skin.

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Bio-regulator of sebaceous secretion with proven reduction of the sebum secretion on skin and scalp.

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In response to radiance quest and skin imperfections blurring trends, Beauty Creations teams have developed Neurobiox®, a natural active ingredient that stimulates cell renewal and increases the thickness of the epidermis, which reduces with age.

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Extract of "Wild Mint" stimulating the skin defense skin’s natural bactericidal defense. Supports skin purification and blemish control.

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To reverse signs of ageing effectively and protect us against lifestyle damage, BASF experts are taking us deep into the fibroblasts with Dermagenist®, a marjoram extract rich in Vicenin and Luteolin-7-0-glucuronide, to re-establish their functions.

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The beauty of our skin is a heritage that needs to endure our lifestyle. BASF experts found that pigmented spot reduction can be epigenetically managed. By increasing a specific epidermal tyrosinase regulator, DN-Aura® reduces the melanin production by melanocytes.

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All species have a role to play in preserving the balance of nature. While the Sea Buckthorn possesses an ecological protective function, BASF experts have found that it also has the power to balance key skin functions.

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Seanactiv™ BC10113

The eye area is the first part of the body to reveal visible evidence of fatigue, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and aging.

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To reverse this vicious circle and correct skin dryness, we have developed Relipidium™. This “Microb’eauty Technology”, obtained from bacterial fermentation, re-establishes the normal bacterial population by strengthening the barrier effect.

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Phytofirm Biotic

Cosmetics that contain probiotic ingredients are rapidly gaining popularity around the world because consumers associate these materials with health, wellness and sustainability. BASF’s ingredient Phytofirm Biotic enables cosmetics manufacturers to create probiotic anti-ageing skin products.

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Vitalising, probiotic extract from yeast cells, rich in amino acids and peptides.

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Oligolin® BC10028

Thanks to the progresses of medicine and technology, the ageing of populations is a global phenomenon. In order to match this lengthening of life expectancy, our skin needs to prolong its youth. Indeed, with age, skin becomes thinner, the dermal epidermal junction (DEJ) flattens and dermis density decreases. Skin loses its capacity to restructure tissue, its firmness drops and dries out. A multi-functional solution is then needed to prolong its youth.

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Proteasyl® TP Poe LS 9818

Connected skin is a firm and elastic skin benefiting from proteoglycans and fibers emitting a strong tonicity signal at all levels in the skin.

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Extracted from the Indian Cassia angustifolia, Hyalurosmooth® concentrates all the benefits of a mindful lifestyle to take care of overworked skin. Re-balancing cortisol regulators and restoring collagen as well as hyaluronic acid synthesis, the skin recovers its hydration and radiance.

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The skin barrier is essential for the protection of the human body against the environment. Lipids and structural elements of the stratum corneum provide a physical barrier. 



Urban lifestyles can cause dandruff, greasy hair and itchy sensations. That’s why consumers are excited about hair care products that encourage a healthy scalp. Scalposine™, a new active ingredient from BASF, is proven to soothe and purify the scalp by decreasing the production of sebum and replenishing beneficial microbiota.

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Through its action on several major biological targets involved in collagens synthesis and elastic fiber assembly, Nephoria™ stimulates both collagen and elastic fibers formation, increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles appearance to help the skin look visibly younger.

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Naturally rich in polyphenols, Inolixir™ reinforces the protection system of the skin – its barrier function is stronger, the microvascular network is strengthened – and the pro-inflammatory response is reduced. 

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Ciste’M® BC10023

Skin aging is driven by several external factors and especially by light. Blue light radiating from our cell phones and computers, but mainly from the sun, deeply penetrates the skin and can create damages in the dermis and even in the DNA


PeptAIde™ 4.0

Naturally derived peptides that protect skin and hair: exposed to daily attacks, our body can experience a chronic state of low-level inflammation, called silent inflammation. Thanks to an AI-powered engine, our PeptAIde™ 4.0 provides a unique rice peptide network that helps prevent damage to the skin and scalp.