At BASF Personal Care, value is at the heart of all our solutions, from versatile high-performance active ingredients to the most cost-effective ones. Increase the value of using cosmetic devices, or design your unique Do It Yourself or waterless formulations with our active ingredients in powder format.

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Naturally rich in polyphenols, Inolixir™ reinforces the protection system of the skin – its barrier function is stronger, the microvascular network is strengthened – and the pro-inflammatory response is reduced. 

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The miracle proteins of Moringa, extracted from the seeds of the “miracle tree”. Stress and pollution protection for skin and hair.

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Standardized supercritical carbon dioxide extract of the Chinese five-flavor berry. Revitalizing skin and especially focusing skin of the mature 60+ target group. New vitality for the hair follicle and supporting hair growth.

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Extracted from the Indian Cassia angustifolia, Hyalurosmooth® concentrates all the benefits of a mindful lifestyle to take care of overworked skin. Re-balancing cortisol regulators and restoring collagen as well as hyaluronic acid synthesis, the skin recovers its hydration and radiance.


Hydrasensyl® Glucan Green

Hydrasensyl® Glucan merges the beneficial properties of hyaluronic acid and collagen: The primary structure of this beta-glucan resembles hyaluronic acid, also consisting of a long chain of disaccharide units made of two glucose derivatives.

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Hydagen® Aquaporin

BASF now makes one of the best-known Aquaporin-stimulating substances available to the broad cosmetic market: the active matter of Hydagen® Aquaporin is made of highly concentrated glyceryl glucoside. Clinical studies prove that Hydagen® Aquaporin boosts the moisturizing capacity of glycerin, for an instant and 24 hours hydration.

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A true Hero Ingredient, famous for its short-term, long-term and persistent hydrating properties of skin, scalp and hair. A highly concentrated moisturizing complex is included in a MicroPatch, a molecular 3D mesh composed of pullulan, alginate and hyaluronic acid.