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Microproteins for hair & soul

Referred to as skin appendages, we should not underestimate the importance: Hair protection and hair decoration at the same time. Protection for the skin and body and jewelry for the soul, which makes us look good and healthy, but also helps us to start the day with confidence.

Every day we look at our hair, look at each other’s hairstyles and we know that: Hair plays an important role. We have a lot of hair, even a great deal of it on and around the entire body. There are several million in total, between 80 and 150,000 of them on the head alone. We take great care with its styling, protection and appearance. If our hairstyle is right, then in most cases our mood often matches. 

Our gaze first lands on the outer shell, called the cuticule. This is exactly what cares for our appearance, shine, happiness and satisfaction. The fiber layer, the cortex, is located underneath this cuticle, which acts as a kind of protective coating. Consisting of up to 95% keratin proteins, the cortex is responsible for some characteristic hair properties. In addition to the hair color, this also includes the type and number of curls, hair thickness and hair strength. 

Now people are doing a lot to meet their own wishes and demands. Everyone wants strong hair. And it should be healthy. Hair should look young and smooth. But there are many criteria that prevent this or make it almost impossible. This is because hair is exposed to various stress factors almost every day, which can strain it and also damage it under certain circumstances.

Mechanical and thermal applications stress the hair and can cause damage.
Mechanical and thermal applications stress the hair and can cause damage.

In addition to external influences such as intensive sunlight, air, air pollution and water, stress factors also include mechanical and thermal applications, which we have integrated into our care routine on a daily basis. Combing, styling, straighteners irons and hair dryers can stress our hair just as much as the use of cosmetics and treatments. Dyeing and bleaching are examples of this. 

All of these applications and additional cosmetic treatments that we use for our good looks stress the hair and can lead to damage in the area of the cuticle and also the cortex. 

This becomes particularly clear in the example of keratins. These proteins, which are responsible for the special and extraordinary properties of hair, are partially damaged by the stress factors mentioned. As a result, hair loses its tear resistance, elasticity and shine. This also results in split ends. Nothing that a man or woman would like to see when looking in the mirror. 

The dose makes the poison

Like in so many areas of life, the dose also makes the poison in this instance. In addition, there are suitable products that care for the hair and support it after different treatments. Both inside and out. While some care substances (e.g. cationic surfactants and polymers, proteins, cosmetic oils) repair external hair damage, at least temporarily, and tend to develop their effect on the hair surface and the cuticle layer, so-called microproteins are often used in shampoos and conditioners. 

Examples are the products Gluadin® Kera-P LM and Nutrilan® KLM. Due to their small size, they are able to penetrate deeply into the hair, build up an interaction with the hair structures and thus strengthen them. Furthermore, thanks to their antioxidant properties, these protein hydrolysates are able to intercept free radicals that would damage the hair. 

Another protection is that protein hydrolysates reduce the binding of metal ions, such as copper, to the hair. These metal ions catalyze the formation of free radicals. The reduced binding to the hair creates fewer radicals on the hair surface and less damage to the hair. 

Microproteins therefore win us over all round. All of this for a fantastic, healthy look. And all of this is long-lasting! They care for, repair AND protect the hair. And your soul will gratefully accept it. 

In the future we will dive a little deeper into the world of microproteins and show how they technically work and function. It will be fluorescent, we promise.

The natural keratin building block

The micro-protein Nutrilan® Keratin LM penetrates into the deeper layers of the hair with long-lasting effect, repairing structural damage and improving toughness.

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