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"We love the sun. But we also know that sun protection is very important nowadays,” says Marcel Schnyder Head of Global Technical Center Sun Care in Grenzach. With the microsite, BASF wants to raise awareness for the importance of sun care.

We describe UV filters, skin types and the light spectrum and take a closer look at the sun's rays. Find everything worth knowing about the sun and useful tips on how to protect yourself.

With one or the other article, your anticipation for the next vacation will probably increase.

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    Sun protection

    Without consistent sun protection, there is a risk of significant health damage. Modern products are very effective and also feel good. Everything you need to know about using sunscreen and applying it the right way.

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    Every day the sun rises — nothing seems more normal to us. Unimaginable forces are at play. Without them, life would not be possible. Join us on an exciting journey to this cosmic superpower house.

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    Skin and skin types

    The skin is our largest and most versatile organ. UV radiation is its natural enemy, if there is too much exposure. Everything you need to know about skin types, invisible threats and how to protect yourself.

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    Ask our experts

    How much sunscreen do I need to use? Can sunscreen go bad? How do UV filters work? What does sun protection have to do with playing golf? Our experts will answer these questions and more.

What’s new?

  • Sun protection

    ISO. Standard. Worldwide.

    If you buy a sun cream with a sun protection factor of 50, then you need to be certain that SPF 50 is actually provided. To ensure that this is the case worldwide, there is an ISO standard: ISO 24444.

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    Safety is a top priority

    Are sunscreen products using nanofilters safe for consumers? Why are there so many preconceptions against it? Can you make sunscreens that are environmentally friendly? Opinions on this widely differ in terms of reporting and also public opinion. We want to bring light into the darkness and have exchanged ideas with our solar experts in Grenzach. Dr. Myriam Sohn took some time for a short Q&A for us.

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    INCI - A small translation aid

    To make one thing clear first: Even if you don't know the list of ingredients on a face cream, shampoo or sun lotion, you can be sure that the products are safe and safe to use.

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    Patents - all-round protection

    Research and development plays an important role in the Sun Care division at BASF. We wanted to know from our colleagues in Grenzach how important patents are for them, what types of approvals exist and what customers can expect from BASF. 

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    Create, calculate, predict - sun protection must be suitable

    Laboratory conditions usually have little to do with life outside. Is this true? Not quite. With the BASF Care Creations®️ Sunscreen Simulator, formulators and manufacturers of sun protection products can work with results that are increasingly closer to real life.

Our Highlights

The BASF Care Creations® 640x480-GI-912674776_super

Sunscreen Simulator

The Sunscreen Simulator is the industry standard for calculating SPF. The digital lab with cost-effective in silico testings and immediate live calculations to check photostability as well as UVA-protection indices and SPF. Read more at BASF’s Care Creations®

Skin and skin types 600x350 Einbuddeln am Strand

How to protect yourself the right way

Whoever knows their skin type, can plan their time in the sun better, whether they use sunscreen or not. However, it’s not easy to figure out which skin type you have.

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