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"We love the sun. But we also know that sun protection is very important nowadays,” says Marcel Schnyder Head of Global Technical Center Sun Care in Grenzach. With the microsite, BASF wants to raise awareness for the importance of sun care.

We describe UV filters, skin types and the light spectrum and take a closer look at the sun's rays. Find everything worth knowing about the sun and useful tips on how to protect yourself.

With one or the other article, your anticipation for the next vacation will probably increase.

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    Sun protection

    Without consistent sun protection, there is a risk of significant health damage. Modern products are very effective and also feel good. Everything you need to know about using sunscreen and applying it the right way.

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    Every day the sun rises — nothing seems more normal to us. Unimaginable forces are at play. Without them, life would not be possible. Join us on an exciting journey to this cosmic superpower house.

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    Skin and skin types

    The skin is our largest and most versatile organ. UV radiation is its natural enemy, if there is too much exposure. Everything you need to know about skin types, invisible threats and how to protect yourself.

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    Ask our experts

    How much sunscreen do I need to use? Can sunscreen go bad? How do UV filters work? What does sun protection have to do with playing golf? Our experts will answer these questions and more.

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    Responsible UV protection

    UV filters play a crucial and well acknowledged role in skin cancer prevention. To accomplish this function they possess specific characteristics, and a portfolio of UV filters is needed to cover the full UV spectrum of sunlight. Furthermore, UV filters must meet high requirements to ensure safe and effective sunscreen products with a high level of acceptance among the population. On this page you find insights into the exciting world of UV filters and how BASF is contributing to sustainable sun protection.

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  • Skin and skin types

    Our bodies and the sun: reactions can vary wildly

    We love the sun and never tire of saying so. As well as being responsible for life on Earth, it does also sometimes cause trouble and health problems. This is where our other favourite topic comes in: sun protection. The relationship between our bodies and the sun causes a wide variety of different reactions.

  • Sunlight

    Photostability plays a key role

    When purchasing sunscreen, most consumers look at the sun protection factor. The sensory experience likewise plays a role in whether they will buy that particular product again or not. Everyone should ask themselves the following question, too: is my sunscreen actually photostable? Sometimes it is printed directly on the packaging. Checking the INCI list also helps to see if it contains photostable filters. We wish to explain why photostability is so important.

  • Sun protection

    After the sun comes care

    If "after sun" was a language, which is to say skin care after being out in the sun, then you might think it was directed purely at holidaymakers who like to soak up the sun's rays. That would amount to a very limited group of consumers. The fact is, though, that whether you’re on holiday, working outdoors or simply enjoying your life and hobbies outside: sun protection isn't limited to the holiday season – and neither is skincare afterwards.

  • Sun protection

    Sunscreen and its many inventors

    Searching for the origins of something can sometimes present a challenge. A case in point: when we wanted to find out who invented sunscreen, we ended up with light bulbs. They have more in common than light alone.

  • Sun protection

    About claims

    When a new cosmetic product is launched on the market, it is time to switch on the advertising megaphone – loudly. The product can do this, that and the other. Before that can happen, however, researchers and developers need to back up the advertising claims with validated tests and results . Customers and end users have to be able to rely on the statements made about the products. 

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Skin and skin types 600x350 Einbuddeln am Strand

How to protect yourself the right way

Whoever knows their skin type, can plan their time in the sun better, whether they use sunscreen or not. However, it’s not easy to figure out which skin type you have.

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Too much of a good thing

"Did you pack the sunscreen?" Everyone has asked or heard this question right before leaving for their long-awaited vacation. When it's the nicest time of year, most people remember that sun protection is important. In everyday life they don’t.