Bi-phase meets Body Wash

Bi-phase meets Body Wash
Bi-phase meets Body Wash
Consumers are increasingly looking for product solutions that offer both well-being benefits and innovative textures which they can incorporate into their health and beauty routine. Bi-phase formulas appear to be one of the latest trends in the bath and shower wash market in recent months.

BASF Bi-phase bath gel is a necessary part of your daily hygiene. The very mild surfactants Plantapon® LGC SORB and Dehyton® AB 30 gently cleanse the body with very low irritation potential. The addition of the emollient Cetiol® 4 All contributes to the pleasant after-feel with a silky, soft caring and a nourishing light sensation.

Shake the BASF Bi-phase bath gel and apply to the skin all over the body, then rinse. Your skin remains refreshed and soft cared.


The BASF solution for your Bi-phase bath gel
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Plantapon® LGC SORB
Modified APG® for gentle cleansing with optimized foam behavior
Generous foam, foam stability also at low pH
Suitable as primary surfactant for alternative formulations
Alternative to PEG/sulfate surfactants, suitable for natural oriented concepts
Approved by COSMOS*
*According to Appendix V.3- The petrochemical moieties in these products must not exceed a total of 2% of the total finished product
Cetiol® 4 All
High quality, versatile base emollient for all kind of emulsions
Excellent skin and eye tolerance, non-comedogenic
Suitable for sensitive skin
Good wetting ability for organic and inorganic pigments (e.g. zinc oxide) “Nourishing” skin feel which then turns into a light skin feel
Dehyton® AB 30
Skin compatible amphoteric surfactant that can be used to reduce the irritation potential of traditional primary surfactants. It is an amphoteric surfactant that is suitable for universal application in cosmetic.
Excellent dermatological properties due to very low irritation levels under use conditions
Foam booster and viscosity builder