Innovation platforms – Active ingredients
Setting the stage for your success

In the ever-evolving and demanding cosmetics market, brand-name manufacturers must constantly innovate and create products that fulfill consumer needs. Winning solutions combine cutting-edge technology with sensitivity to today’s lifestyles.

At BASF, we are dedicated to supporting our customers in staying at the forefront of trends and answering future needs. This approach has made us a globally recognized supplier of active ingredients and a trusted partner for many decades.

In line with this thinking, we have established a number of interdisciplinary innovation platforms to pursue new concepts and commercial applications for active ingredients.

These hubs of activity bring together interdisciplinary know-how from within BASF as well as from public and private research centers.


Building with nature’s building blocks: genetic research points to huge potential for ingredients that are capable of reprogramming skin cells. To further explore the genetic makeup of the skin and how its behavior can be influenced, we have established an interdisciplinary innovation platform with experts from public and private research institutions.

This hub offers the ideal setting for researchers to focus on changes to our genes caused by the chronological aging process or environmental factors. Using advanced scientific methods, these changes can be precisely mapped and controlled to an increasing extent. Based on new findings, BASF is developing actives that utilize genetic science – for skincare products which enable us to liberate us from genetic heritage and to control our skin's destiny.

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Naturally balanced skincare: the role of microorganisms in healthy skin represents one of today’s most promising areas of dermatological research. Existing applications include prebiotics for atopic skin to probiotics to treat acne. But we’re convinced this is just the beginning. That’s why BASF has established an innovation platform specifically dedicated to developing solutions acting on or through skin microbiota.

The lab enables internal and external researchers to join forces and explore the positive effects of microflora on the skin. Here, cutting-edge technologies and methods create optimum conditions for breakthrough innovation. In the coming years, BASF plans to introduce a growing number of actives that harness these benefits – and enable you to take advantage of them.

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Extracting the essence: BASF draws on decades of success in extracting valuable substances from plant material. To build further on this expertise and explore innovative plant-based solutions in areas like anti-aging actives, we have established an Innovation Platform dedicated to extraction and processes.

In partnership with experts from the Technology Transfer Office SATT Nord of the University of Reims, BASF researchers are developing bioactive solutions that answer the need for effective, naturally derived products in today’s highly regulated environment. The focus is on maximizing performance by extracting and processing only those molecules that deliver verifiable results.

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