Body Care meets Wellbeing trend

Body Care meets Wellbeing trend
Body Care meets Wellbeing trend

Our body goes through a lot during our lifetime. Fluctuating weight, pregnancy, aging signs, causes a loss of skin elasticity. How to strengthen, tone the skin while ensuring daily hydration?

Hydrating Firming Cream contains Cetiol® SB 45 and Cegesoft® PS 6 which offers a pampering body cream leaving the skin soft and smooth. In addition, when applied regularly, the cocktail of actives ingredients such as Proteasyl® PW PSE LS 8951 and Sveltine® ST BC10032 provides an immediate firming sensation and beautifies the body curves.

This mix of ingredients with a creamy texture and a slight lemon scent restores and revitalizes your skin.

The BASF solution for your Hydrating Firming Cream
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Eumulgin® SG
Highly efficient O/W emulsifier with high electrolyte compatibility that enables the incorporation of high amounts of emollients and waxes even at low concentration levels.
Delivers mild formulations, suitable for sensitive skin
From 100% plant derived, renewable feedstocks, not preserved
Alternative to PEG containing emulsifiers, suitable for natural oriented concepts
Approved by COSMOS
Cetiol® SB 45
Unique quality shea butter due to its special hydrogenated fraction.
Skin care effect, with soft and pleasant long-term skin feel
Soothing properties due to a high content of unsaponifiable matter
Approved by COSMOS
Cetiol® CC
The high-value, dry emollient which delivers a sensorial soft product experience due to its high-spreading ability.
Dry, velvet and soft skin feel
Approved by COSMOS
>70% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Cegesoft® PS 6
The vegetable alternative for mineral oil
Imparts a luxurious after feel and balances the emollient composition
From 100% plant derived, renewable feedstocks
Alternative to mineral oil concepts, suitable for natural oriented concepts
Approved by COSMOS
Proteasyl® PW PSE LS 8951
An hydrating and firming active. It is a natural polypeptidic ingredient acting as a protease inhibitor that quickly improves skin elasticity.Firmness effect
Moisturizes the upper skin layers
Sveltine® ST BC10032
Extracted from purple loosestrife and rich in two specific bio-markers, it targets simultaneously two major body areas: it pushes up the bottom and remodels the thighs.Thigh shaping
Push-up effect
Approved by COSMOS