Body Wash meets Naturalness

Body Wash meets Naturalness
Body Wash meets Naturalness

Shower might seem like a simple daily routine, but it can be so much more than that. It could be the only five minutes of the day you have to yourself, the time to relax or escape from reality.

Our Transparent Caring Shower Gel formulated according to Cosmos Standard for Natural Cosmetics, offers a pure moment of well-being. The gentle plant-based APG® surfactant Plantacare® 2000 UP, in combination with Dehyton® PK 45, is an alternative to sulfate surfactants. The soap-based formula, which does not contain any thickener, makes it economical and minimalist. 

In regards of its compatibility with sensitive skin, the human patch-test on tape-stripped skin test conducted on this formulation reveals that it could be classified as "harmless".

Keeps the whole family skin looking fresh and natural care!

The BASF solution for your Transparent Caring Shower Gel
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Plantacare® 2000 UP
Nonionic surfactant obtained from renewable, plant-derived feedstocks creating a perfect synergy of mildness, foaming performance and effective cleansing.
Outstanding and proven mildness
Outstanding and proven mildness
Excellent foaming behavior and cleansing properties
Palm-based raw materials certified sustainable acc. RSPO MB
Dehyton® PK 45
Skin compatible amphoteric surfactant that can be used to reduce the irritation potential of traditional primary surfactants.
100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Approved by COSMOS