Cleansing Butter meets Face Care

Cleansing Butter meets Face Care
Cleansing Butter meets Face Care
Facial cleansing has emerged as an important part of the urban beauty routine, and cleansers are an essential part of the well-being of the skin. A multitude of products are available, addressing consumer needs and providing various additional benefits such as good skin compatibility, hydration, anti-pollution protection and skin barrier repair.

BASF Soothing Cleansing Butter is an innovative anhydrous formulation based on Cegesoft® VP, Cutina® PES and natural shea butter Cetiol® SB 45. This delicious melting texture is easy to apply on skin. It removes make-up and dirt and is easy to rinse as it transforms into a light lotion when it gets in contact with water. After rinse-off, the skin is clean and feels soft, fresh and not greasy.

BASF Soothing Cleansing Butter, a different way to cleanse you face.


The BASF solution for your Soothing Cleansing Butter
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cegesoft® VP
Natural wax with a melting behavior close to petrolatum, quick absorption, easy distribution, immediate care perceptible effect.
Approved by COSMOS
100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Cetiol® SB 45
Special fraction of the natural shea butter, characterized by a high melting point and higher content of unsaponifiable, it helps skin barrier to recover its integrity.
Soft and pleasant long term feel
Soothing properties due to a high content of unsaponifiable matter
Approved by COSMOS*
Cutina® PES
Good viscosity enhancer which delivers sensorial impact in cosmetic oil-in-water formulations
Provides an excellent cushion
Smoothness and softness properties
Plantapon® AF
Solubilizing perfectly in oils, it gives a milky effect during the rinse off step.
Pleasant skin feel after-use
Smooth, soft and mild
Helps to maintain skin moisture balance

*according to Appendix II