Deodorant meets new Texture, Naturalness and Effectiveness

Deodorant meets new Texture, Naturalness and Effectiveness
Deodorant meets new Texture, Naturalness and Effectiveness

Consumers are increasingly turning to natural deodorants as alternatives to those containing aluminum. Deodorants formulated according to standards from natural cosmetics use ingredients like zinc oxide and sodium bicarbonate to inhibit growth of bacteria and neutralize smelly fatty acids like butyric acid to form much less volatile salts.

Formulated as a balm, the innovative texture of our formulation Citrus Deo Balm allows easier application and a more pleasant experience of use compared to traditional deodorants in stick or spray form.

While our emollient Cetiol® SB 45 helps to moisturize and soften the skin, Cosmedia® Gel CC thickens and stabilizes the balm. Combined with Sodium Bicarbonate, Verdessence™ RiceTouch absorbs excess moisture and sweat from the skin It also provides a silky and powdery feel, reducing any greasiness or tackiness.

A positive step towards a more sustainable, healthier and inclusive lifestyle!

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Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cetiol ® SB 45

Unique quality shea butter due to its special hydrogenated fraction.

  • Skin care effect, with soft and pleasant long term skin feel
  • Soothing properties due to a high content of unsaponifiable matter
  • Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE
Cosmedia ® Gel CC

Emulsion stabilizer and suspending agent

  • Nice sensorial properties
  • Improve spreadability for skin care products
Verdessence™ RiceTouch

100% plant based sensory powder with small particle size provides powdery light and smooth skin feel and is ideal for matte type cosmetics.

  • Readily biodegradable
  • 100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
  • Recommended for natural, organic and vegan1 formulation concepts
  • Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE

1 BASF provides customers with information for vegan suitability assessment.
Compliance with a particular vegan label is unintended and responsibility of the cosmetic product manufacturer.