Dry Oil & Shimmer meets Body & Hair

Dry Oil & Shimmer meets Body & Hair
Dry Oil & Shimmer meets Body & Hair
From 2010 to 2014 launches of body oils in the European market increased by 12%*. Dry body oils are not only fast absorbing and hydrating but also provide a silky and satin - soft afterfeel. In addition to regular dry body oils, there are dry body oils containing effect pigments that provide in addition to the already described sensory effect a light to medium degree of shimmering and radiance on the skin.

The BASF solution Shimmering Dry Oil is a dry oil with effect pigments which absorbs quickly and moisturizes the skin. Furthermore, it provides the skin with shimmering, softness and silkiness. It is suitable for body as well as for hair applications.
The BASF solution for your Body Oil with effect pigments:
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cetiol® SensoftThe very light, “happy” emollient with multifunctional softness.Multifunctional softness
From natural, renewable & synthetic feedstocks***
Cetiol® UltimateThe 100% natural-based, fresh, dry and volatile emollient.Dry smooth textures
Very good wet combing performance
Ecocert, Cosmos & Natrue approved
From 100 % natural, renewable feedstocks**
Lipofructyl™ ArganA precious oil, the beauty secret of Maroccan women. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty alcohols and natural tocopherols, our organic and fair trade Argan oil gives hair its brightness, softness and silky appearance.Skin softness
Ecocert approved
Timica® & Cloisonné® Effect pigments in gold and bronze for luxurious shimmering radiance. Velvety skin feel
Golden sparkling radiance
Bronze sparkling radiance

**chemically processed, catalyst or reaction aids used
***renewable & synthetic building blocks are combined in a chemical process. Lower share of natural C-atoms.