Face Care meets Bi-Phase

Face Care meets Bi-Phase
Face Care meets Bi-Phase

Facial serum has become a highly-demanded product. Facial serum options are abundant, and usually address specific skin concerns such as uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, or skin conditions like rosacea and acne. But facial serum can also meet a need for dehydrated skin.

BASF Bi-Phase Serum is a refreshing, lightweight bi-phase serum for thirsty skin. Before using the Bi-phase serum, you shake it well, you warm into your hands and then apply on your face. The combination of emollients Cetiol® Sensoft and Cetiol® Ultimate contributes to the pleasant after-feel with a silky, soft caring and waxy-dry skin sensation. The formula includes two active ingredients Lipofructyl® Argan and Hyalurosmooth® that help to restore comfort and radiance, and provide an intense wave of hydration inside the skin.

BASF Bi-Phase Serum leaves the skin soft, plump, radiant and intensely hydrated.

The BASF solution for your Bi-Phase Serum
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cetiol® Sensoft Versatile and innovative emollient with a Multi-dimensional softness.
Provides a luxurious, silky and velvety skin feel
Silicone alternative
Readily biodegradable
Approx. 50% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Cetiol® Ultimate
100% renewable-based, volatile, ultra fast-spreading and dry emollient; a natural alternative to Cyclomethicone
First volatile, ultra fast spreading, ultra light hydrocarbon emollient from renewable resources
Gives a silicone oil-like, powdery and waxy-dry skin feel
From 100% plant derived, renewable feedstocks
Alternative to silicone concepts, suitable for natural oriented concepts
Recommended for concepts acc. to COSMOS, NATRUE
Myritol® 331 Modified coconut oil that is a medium spreading emollient with very good emulsifiability.
Good balancing sensory property
Lipofructyl® Argan LS 9779 Prepared by a 100% women cooperative networkit is a sebo-regulator for greasy skin.
Nourishes skin
Helps to restore the skin barrier
Leaves an oily or shiny effect and softness, sensory skin feeling
Approved by COSMOS
Hyalurosmooth® LS 8998 Extracted from the Indian Cassia angustifolia.
Provides intense wave of hydration inside your skin
Gives a shot of well-being making your skin radiant