Face Care meets Mature Skin

Face Care meets Mature Skin
Face Care meets Mature Skin

The beauty industry started to wake up to the fact that women over 60 are a large, growing and extremely important demographic group. Mature skin above the age of 60 has different needs: It should be kept well-hydrated, cell renewal and collagen production needs to be boosted. 
BASF Hydra Golden Age cream features a rich and smooth memory shape texture enriched with the active ingredient Linefactor™ C, said to strengthen skin's protective barrier, providing skin elasticity recovering and skin-densifying actions, leaving the skin intensely moisturized.

The BASF solutions for your Hydra Golden Age Cream
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cosmedia® Ace
Strong, flexible and modern polymer
Strong emulsifying and thickening
Provides a velvety soft and caring after-feel
Linefactor™ C
Aqueous extract made from Hibiscus abelmoschus, specifically designed to improve the skin condition of women over 50
Stimulates the formation of collagen and elastic fibers
Helps to recover the barrier function of the skin
Corrects the loss of elasticity, improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles
Tinovis® GTC UP
Rheology modifier with good emulsifying properties and tolerance to electrolytes
Soft and silky afterfeel
No dripping
Provides the memory shape texture