Face Care meets Multifunctional Protection

Face Care meets Multifunctional Protection
Face Care meets Multifunctional Protection

From the first rays of sunshine, we enjoy relaxing time in terrace with some friends or with our family. But do we have the reflex to protect ourselves from the sun as we are used to doing on vacation?

BASF has developed Healthy Glow Day Cream SPF 30, a day cream that combines #care with #protection in our summer routine, to prevent premature aging of the skin and sun-related spots.

This day cream with a high sunscreen including Tinosorb® S, Uvinul® A Plus and Uvinul® T 150 provide full and high UVA & UVB protection while our emollients ensure the right solubility of the crystalline UV filters and help to moisturize the skin. The synergy between emulsifying system and our biopolymer Verdessence™ Tara create a lightweight and non-greasy texture for a daily use. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate liberates vitamin C, and our active ingredient DN-Aura® boosts skin radiance and helps to protect against the formation of spots on the skin.

Keep in mind that unprotected sun exposure accelerates skin aging!

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Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Uvinul® A Plus

The only photostable UVA filter on the market, for oil phase, with high formulation flexibility due to excellent solubility

  • Absolute photostable UVA protection
  • Good compatibility with other UV filters and cosmetic ingredients
  • Excellent performance in radical protection
Uvinul® T 150

The highest photo-stable absorption of UVB filters.

  • Best efficiency even at lowest UV filter concentration
  • Highest photo-stable absorption of all available UVB filters
  • Odorless, colorless, suitable for perfume-free formulation
Tinosorb® S

The only and most efficient oil soluble broad spectrum UV filter. Outstanding photostability, efficient stabilizer for photoinstable UV filters.

  • High contribution to SPF
  • High UVA-PF already at low concentration
  • Best fit with all approaches in Sun Care
Verdessence™ Tara

Natural thickening and texturizing agent

  • Readily biodegradable
  • Recommended for natural / organic formulation concepts
  • Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE
Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Active ingredient suitable for a variety of skin care preparations, e.g. sun protection formulations, anti-wrinkle products, body lotions, day and night creams.

  • Vitamin C derivative ingredient
  • Protects the cells of the skin
DN-Aura® BC10011

Extract from the leaves of the Vietnamese tree “Langsat” or “Duku” (Lansium domesticum)

  • Reduces the melanin production by melanocytes
  • Helps shrinking pigmented spots