Face Care meets Versatility for a simplified routine

Face Care meets Versatility for a simplified routine
Face Care meets Versatility for a simplified routine

The demand for multi functional beauty products continues to rise. They offer many benefits and can be used in various ways, streamlining beauty routines and simplifying skincare regimens.

Our versatile waterless formulation Instant Care Balm to Powder provides long lasting moisture to both lips and dry facial areas. Cutina® HR Flakes CMB gives hardness and temperature stability, limiting texture friability while Lanette® 22 contributes to the consistency and the non oily film deposition. Cosmedia® Gel CC creates a gel network, leaving a powdery after feel on the skin and acting in synergy with naturally light to volatile emollients Cetiol® C 5 and Cetiol® Ultimate. The biopolymer Verdessence™ RiceTouch supports the transformation from balm to powder Ultra Filling Spheres™ create instant hydration and wrinkles cushioning.

Experience the convenience of this single product that addresses multiple needs for healthy, glowing skin!

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Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cosmedia® Gel CC

Emulsion stabilizer and suspending agent

  • Nice sensorial properties
  • Improve spreadability for skin care products
Cetiol® C 5C

A sensory emollient alternative to Cyclomethicone

  • 100% derived from renewable feedstocks
  • Silicone alternative
  • Approved by COSMOS
Cetiol® Ultimate

100% renewable renewable-based, volatile, ultra fast fast-spreading and dry emollient; a natural based alternative to CyclomethiconeCyclomethicone.

  • Volatile, ultra fast fast-spreading, ultra light hydrocarbon emollient
  • Gives a silicone oil oil-like, powdery and waxy-dry skin feel
  • Recommended for concepts acc. to COSMOS, NATRUE
Cutina® HR Flakes CMB

Improves thickness and viscosity

  • Provides good consistency and gelling properties
  • Sustainably sourced and certified according to SuCCESS standard
Ultra Filling Spheres®

Dehydrated spheres of hyaluronic acid and konjac mannan

  • Tighten the skin
  • Smooth out wrinkles
  • Leave an elastic skin surface with long lasting hydration.
Verdessence™ RiceTouch

100% plant based sensory powder with small particle size provides powdery light and smooth skin feel and is ideal for matte type cosmetics

  • Readily biodegradable
  • 100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
  • Recommended for natural, organic and vegan vegan 1 formulation concepts
  • Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE

1 BASF provides customers with information for vegan suitability assessment. Compliance with a particular vegan label is  unintended and responsibility of the cosmetic product manufacturer.