Face Care meets Waterless Sticks Trend

Face Care meets Waterless Sticks Trend
Face Care meets Waterless Sticks Trend

In a future where water will become a protected resource, our way of consuming has now become more "responsible" and more ethical with waterless cosmetics.

Easy-go Hydrating Face Stick, is an anhydrous formula, that contains no preservatives. Our high-quality emollient Cetiol® RLF, in association with Cetiol® CC and Cetiol® Ultimate, helps to obtain a well-balanced skin feel. Thanks to the active Irwinol® LS 9890, the formula, enriched with exotic fruit extract, combines hydrating, nourishing and repairing properties. Immediately, face is hydrated, smooth and supple and offers a velvety texture with a matte finish. A real moment of caring for both your face and the environment!

The BASF solution for your Easy-go Hydrating Face Stick
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cetiol® RLF
Fast spreading emollient with a light skin feel and high sensorial acceptance. Suitable for sensitive skin: dermatologically tested.
Velvety and soft skin feel
Suitable for sensitive skin
Approved by COSMOS
100% derived from renewable feedstocks
Cetiol® CC
The high-value, dry emollient which delivers a sensorial soft product experience due to its high-spreading ability.
Dry, velvet and soft skin feel
Approved by COSMOS
>70% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Cetiol® Ultimate
100% renewable-based, volatile, ultra fast-spreading and dry emollient; a natural based alternative to Cyclomethicone.
Volatile, ultra fast-spreading, ultra light hydrocarbon emollient
Gives a silicone oil-like, powdery and waxy-dry skin feel
Recommended for concepts acc. to COSMOS, NATRUE
Irwinol® LS 9890
Botanical butter, extracted from the edible fruit of the exotic tree Irvingia gabonensis
Excellent moisturizing and softening efficacy on skin
Protects and repairs skin and lips through its film-forming activity
Approved by COSMOS