Face Cleansing meets Sensitive Skin

Face Cleansing meets Sensitive Skin
Face Cleansing meets Sensitive Skin


Removing dead skin and waking up with a soft, clear complexion is very satisfying for all of us. However, exfoliators often contain harsh, damaging ingredients that make our skin dry and irritated.

The Extra Gentle Smoothing Face Scrub is a soothing and mild formulation.

Our eco-friendly and biodegradable complexing agent, Neutrol® MGDA helps to minimize the environmental impact due to its excellent ecological and toxicological profile.

The combination of the actives AH-Care® L-65 and Beta-Hydroxyde™ ACSD gently exfoliates the skin while maintaining comfort and diminishing irritation.

A good facial scrub in our weekly skincare routine will help to provide us with healthy and glowing skin!


The BASF solution for your Extra Gentle Smoothing Face Scrub
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Neutrol® MGDA

Readily biodegradable and highly stable complexing agent for personal care applications.

Readily biodegradable
Excellent ecological and toxicological profile
No preservative
Rheocare® XGN
Pure vegan Xanthan Gum, excellent stabilizer and thickener for emulsions and surfactant-based formulations
100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Approved by COSMOS
AH-Care® L-65
Amphoteric hydroxy complex used for exfoliation with reduced stinging sensation and irritation
Skin renewal acceleration, exfoliation, complexion / radiance increase and blemish diminishment
Beta-Hydroxyde™ ACSD
Molecular association between salicylic acid and acacia polysaccharides reduces the penetration of salicylic acid to better target the horned layer.
Action of salicylic acid for exfoliation, refining pore size, and reducing oiliness, while maintaining optimal comfort and diminishing irritation.