Face Wash meets Advanced Cleansers

Oil-free Foaming Face Cleanser
Oil-free Foaming Face Cleanser

The trend Keeping the skin free from dirt and impurities undoubtedly begins with effective cleansing. It marks the first step of a good skin care routine and sets the path to continually healthy and glowing skin. Oil-free Foaming Face Cleanser is an ideal formulation for anyone seeking a deep cleanse without adding unwanted shine. The gentle plant-based APG® surfactant Plantacare® 2000 UP, in combination with Texapon® SFA provides mildness, high foaming characteristics that leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and silky to the touch. Our active ingredient Purisoft® combines the capacity to support the skin’s resistance to environmental stress and forms a protective film on the skin that facilitates the removal of micro-particles. A face cleanser that does far more than simply lathering up!

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Texapon® SFA

Very mild, innovative anionic surfactant based on sustainable, RSPO-certified renewable resources.

  • Extremely gentle on the skin and eyes
  • Provides a creamy and rich foam
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Suitable for sulfate surfactant alternative cleansing formulations
  • 100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Plantacare® 2000 UP

Nonionic surfactant obtained from renewable, plant-derived feedstocks creating a perfect synergy of mildness, foaming performance and effective cleansing.

  • Outstanding and proven mildness
  • Excellent foaming behavior and cleansing properties
  • Palm-based raw materials certified sustainable acc. RSPO MB
  • Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE
Purisoft® PW LS 9836

Concentrated powder of the seed extract of the Moringa “miracle tree”

  • Protect skin against pollutants
  • Enhance skin purification.