Hair Care meets Damaged Hair Repair Trend

Hair Care meets Damaged Hair Repair Trend
Hair Care meets Damaged Hair Repair Trend

With the seasonal changes, over-styling of hair, exposure to heat pollution, and lack of nourishment arises the problem of dry, breakage and damaged hair. A real cure is needed to restore the outer cuticle and prevent new damage.

Solid Repairing Hot Oil helps to smooth and seal the hair cuticles, allowing them to maintain moisture balance. Our Cosmos approved hair conditioner Plantaquat® NC and our active ingredient Sphingoceryl® VEG LS 9948 offer effective hair breakage protection and an efficient reduction of split-ends. At the same time, the combination of our Cosmos approved emollients, Cetiol® SB 45 and  Cetiol® OE, brings a smooth and cared hair feeling.

Get healthy shiny hair with this amazing and solid hair treatment!

The BASF solution for your Solid Repairing Hot Oil
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Plantaquat® NC

High performance compound especially developed to produce hair conditioning products

Very good conditioning, volume and hair breakage protection
Approved by COSMOS
Cetiol® SB 45
Unique quality shea butter due to its special hydrogenated fraction.
Skin care effect, with soft and pleasant long-term skin feel
Soothing properties due to a high content of unsaponifiable matter
Approved by COSMOS
Cetiol® OE
Emollient is suitable for all cosmetic applications on a wide pH range.
Silky feeling
Smooth touch
100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Approved by COSMOS
Eumulgin® SG
Highly efficient O/W emulsifier with high electrolyte compatibility that enables the incorporation of high amounts of emollients and waxes even at low concentration levels.
Delivers mild formulations, suitable for sensitive skin
From 100% plant derived, renewable feedstocks, not preserved
Alternative to PEG containing emulsifiers, suitable for natural oriented concepts
Approved by COSMOS
Sphingoceryl® VEG LS 9948
Strengthens the skin barrier and repairs the skin microrelief. Protects dyed hair from color fading by washing and improves combability.
Protects hair
Helps the cohesion of cuticle scales, repairs the micro sheath, causing a conditioning, film-forming effect