Hair Care meets Innovative Texture

Hair Care meets Innovative Texture
Hair Care meets Innovative Texture

Not quite solid but not liquid either, paste shampoo revolutionizes your hair care routine Its creamy and pasty texture provides a unique sensory experience while reducing the water footprint thanks to its concentrated formulation that contains less water.

While most shampoos contain at least 70% of water, our Concentrated Shampoo Paste meets the challenge with only ~15% of water. Based on our anionic surfactant Texapon® SFA UP Powder this shampoo paste turns into a gentle, creamy cleansing action featuring a high foaming property.

With a high concentration of active ingredients, this formula, enriched by precious natural oils from the Lipofructyl® MO and the exotic botanical butter Irwinol® improves combability and brings more suppleness, brightness and volume to damaged hair.

Easy to use, it can be precisely dosed and carried anywhere!

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Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Texapon ® SFA UP Powder

A very mild, anionic surfactant suitable for solid, zero waste rinse off products and solutions not containing EO.

  • Low skin, eye and oral irritation potential compared to other surfactants and suitable for tear free concepts 1
  • Pleasant foam sensory , creamy , rich foam , very nice smell & stable bubbles
  • 100% derived from renewable feedstocks , sulfate surfactant alternative, RSPO certified Mass Balance, without undesired by products (e.g. 1,4 dioxane, PEG, etc.),
  • NATRUE approved, suitable for COSMOS V4 (approval pending)
Dehyquart ® Guar HP

Conditioning polymer.

  • High conditioning performance
  • Compatibility with anionic surfactants
  • Approved by COSMOS
Lipofructyl ® MO

Oil obtained by cold pressing of the seeds of the exotic tree Moringa oleifera

  • Can improve hair softness, brightness and brilliance
  • Can improve hair combing
Irwinol ® LS 9890

Botanical butter, extracted from the edible fruit o f the exotic tree Irvingia gabonensis

  • Can improve hair volume, brightness and ease of combing
  • Improves sensorial benefits of damaged hair
  • Reduces combing force on dry hair
  • Approved by COSMOS