Hair Care meets Softness Naturally

Hair Care meets Softness Naturally
Hair Care meets Softness Naturally

Consumers are looking for an extra gentle shampoo suitable for the whole family A mild and delicate formula, specially formulated to deeply wash while preserving hair softness.

With our Gentle Family Shampoo the gentle plant based APG ® surfactant Plantacare® 1200 UP in combination with Plantapon® ACG 50, Plantapon® LGC SORB and Dehyton® PK 45 is an efficient alternative to sulfate surfactants. It designed to leave the hair softer while providing a creamy and soft foam with Lamesoft® PO 65.

Our vegetable based protein condensate Plantapon® Soy, a bio derived surfactant also provides all the softness your hair needs In addition to giving a pearly appearance, Euperlan® NL Pearl brings conditioning benefits and anti breakage effects.

The ideal pick for gentle and healthy hair, suitable for the whole family!

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Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Plantacare ® 1200 UP

A non ionic surfactant made from 100% renewable, plant derived feedstocks

  • Very mild non ionic APG ® surfactant based on renewable , plant derived feedstocks
  • Perfectly suited for gentle & natural oriented oral care concepts
  • Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE
Dehyton ® PK 45

Skin compatible amphoteric surfactant that can be used to reduce the irritation potential of traditional primary surfactants.

  • Suitable for sulfate free solutions
  • Approved by COSMOS
Plantapon ® ACG 50

Gentle anionic surfactant made from natural origin amino acids and vegetable based fatty acids 100% naturally derived

  • Mild anionic specialty surfactant
  • Well foaming properties for the use in oral care formations
  • Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE
Plantapon ® Soy

Bio based surfactant with excellent mildness

  • Suitable for alternative concepts to sulfates and EO
  • Does not contain preservative and co solvents
  • Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE
Lamesoft ® PO 65

Lipid layer enhancer for surfactant cleansing preparations

  • Natural Moisturizing
  • Component naturally occuring in human skin
  • Natural thickener for "green" cleansing concepts
  • Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE
Euperlan ® NL Pearl

Pumpable dispersion of pearlizing wax and amphoteric surfactant.

  • Gives a pearlescent appearance to formulated products
  • Boosts conditioning effect of cationic conditioning polymers in shampoos.
  • Shows excellent results in hair care performance especially on wet and dry combing test, hair breakage measurements and Suppleness test.
  • Approved by COSMOS