Hair Care meets Zero Waste trend

Hair Care meets Zero Waste trend
Hair Care meets Zero Waste trend

Zero waste shampoos are gaining popularity, owing to the growing adoption of a conscious and sustainable lifestyle and concerns regarding waste management. Consumers are preferring eco-friendly products to reduce waste and ecological footprints.

Our anionic co-surfactant Jordapon® SCI Powder helps to obtain a mild cleansing action while our COSMOS approved* conditioning polymer Dehyquart® Guar HP provides high performance in wet and dry combability.

Powder to Foam Transforming Shampoo can be used in 2 ways: direct use in powder form under the shower or as a pre-mixed DIY shampoo.

Adapting a zero-waste hair care routine is one of the easiest changes we can make!

The BASF solution for your Powder-To-Foam Transforming Shampoo
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Jordapon® SCI Powder
Mild anionic surfactant for use in personal care cleansing products.
Mild to skin and eyes
Good foam in hard and soft water
Impart a soft after feel to skin
Suitable for sulfate surfactant alternative cleansing formulations
Readily biodegradable
Dehyquart® Guar HP
Conditioning polymer.
High conditioning performance
Compatibility with anionic surfactants
Approved by COSMOS
Rheocare® XGN
Pure Vegan Xanthan Gum, excellent stabilizer and thickener for emulsions and surfactant-based formulations.
100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Approved by COSMOS
Cetiol® Ultimate
100% renewable-based, volatile, ultra fast-spreading and dry emollient; a natural based alternative to Cyclomethicone.
Volatile, ultra fast-spreading, ultra light hydrocarbon emollient
Gives a silicone oil-like, powdery and waxy-dry skin feel
Recommended for concepts acc. to COSMOS, NATRUE
DulceminTM PW BIO LS 9903
 Suitable for split, dull, brittle, thin or dry hair
Repairs hair weakened by bleaching, coloring or perming
Reduces irritation caused by some surfactants