Rice & Soy Protein Shampoo

Rice & Soy Protein Shampoo
Rice & Soy Protein Shampoo

The trend Rinsing hair with rice water is a traditional beauty treatment in many regions in Asia. This alternative beauty remedy is now popular across the world and the cosmetic industry is aware that ingredients such as rice or soy are more than just a protein treatment. They are strengthening agents that help repair damaged hair and improve elasticity. Rice & Soy Protein Shampoo is formulated according to Cosmos Standard for Natural Cosmetics. It contains the active ingredient PeptAIde® 4.01, an organic rice peptide hydrolysate, and Gluadin® Soy Benz. Both help to keep the cuticle smooths, and repair & strengthen the hair. The gentle, plant-based APG® surfactant Plantacare® 818 UP is, in combination with Plantapon® ACG 50, an efficient alternative to sulfate surfactants. They lead to a softer skin while providing a creamy and soft foam with Lamesoft® PO 65.

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1This formulation is also available without active ingredients

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Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Plantacare® 818 UP

Nonionic surfactant suitable for various cosmetic cleansing preparations

  • Outstanding and proven mildness
  • Excellent foaming and cleansing properties
  • 100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
  • Approved by COSMOS
Plantapon® ACG 50

Gentle anionic surfactant made from natural-origin amino acids and vegetable-based fatty acids -100% naturally derived

  • Gentle to skin and eyes
  • Good foaming properties
  • Suitable for concepts alternative to sulfate-/EO-containing surfactants
  • Approved by COSMOS
Lamesoft® PO 65

Lipid layer enhancer for surfactant cleansing preparations

  • Natural Moisturizing
  • Component naturally occuringin human skin.
  • Natural thickener for "green" cleansing concepts
  • Approved by COSMOS
PeptAIde® 4.0

Multifunctional, natural active ingredient, characterized by 4 specific peptides discovered by Artificial Intelligence which are unlocked from rice protein, contributing to soothe the skin.

  • Strengthening skin’s barrier function
  • Proven to reduce dry skin, discomfort and loss of firmness
  • Approved by COSMOS
Gluadin® Soy Benz

Hydrolizedsoy protein suitable for skin and hair care cosmetics, especially conditioner, hair balm and shampoo.

  • Keeps cuticle smooth, repairs & strengthens hair.
  • Used for mild surfactant preparations
  • Approved by COSMOS