Hair Mask meets Hair Breakage

Hair Mask meets Hair Breakage
Hair Mask meets Hair Breakage

Factors such as frequent washing, hair drying, coloring and exposure to UV-light and pollution may cause fragile strands to break leaving you with an unpleasant feeling of damaged and unhealthy hair.

The BASF Anti Hair Breakage Mask is a reinforcing leave-in treatment. It offers very good anti-hair breakage as well as very good wet combability results. It helps to strengthen the hair fiber reducing breakage and protecting, smoothing without weighing down your hair. Our quaternary protein is the ideal conditioning agent giving body and volume specifically to fine and damaged hair. The BASF Anti Hair Breakage Mask  make your hair look healthy and shiny. 

The BASF solutions for your Anti Hair Breakage Mask
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cetiol® CC
High-value, dry emollient which delivers a sensorial soft product experience due to its high-spreading ability.
COSMOS approved
Fast spreading emollient
Good emulsifiability
Gluadin® WQ PP
Quaternary protein derivative for the hair surface recommended for fine hair. 
High substantivity to hair
Good conditioning performance
Prevention of static charging
Gives body and volume 
No build-up effect
Outstanding mildness 
Dehyquart® A-CA 
Well-known and highly effective cationic conditioning agent.
Dehyquart® F 75 T
Cationic emulsifying base with nice conditioning properties.