Jelly & Shimmer meets Conditioner

Jelly & Shimmer meets Conditioner
Jelly & Shimmer meets Conditioner

One of the newest trends in the conditioner market is a transparent/jelly formulation with shimmering effect pigments. Although these conditioners do not look like the conventional one, they also promise the same claims: hydration, softening and detangling. Additionally, as they contain shimmering effect pigments they give a nice impression of luxury during application.

The BASF Jelly & Shimmer Conditioner has an attractive and energetic appearance as it is transparent yellow with golden effect pigments. Additionally it offers very good anti hair breakage as well as very good wet combability results.

The BASF solution for your transparent conditioner with effect pigments
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cosmedia® Ultragel 300A cationic homo-polymer which delivers conditioning and enhances the sensory profile, while acting as a thickener for gel structures. Conditioning
Enhances the sensory profile
Plantasil® MicroTransparent micro emulsion that includes a finely dispersed caring oil component, an eco-friendly hair conditioning booster and a silicone alternative, which allows transparent conditioning. Does not contain EO or silicones
Very good wet combing performance
Recommended for concepts according to many natural labels
From 100 % renewable feedstocks**
Reflecks™ Dimensions Shiny Gold Completes this formula via a vibrant golden effect. Vibrant golden effect
Luxury effect

**chemically processed, catalyst or reaction aids used