Mist Water meets Sun Protection

Mist Water meets Sun Protection
Mist Water meets Sun Protection

Sunscreen mist water provides a convenient and effective skin care solution when you're outside in direct sunlight and being active, getting wet or start sweating. It's also ideal to touch up your sunscreen on a normal work day. 

In addition to UVA and UVB filters, the BASF Protecting Water Spray SPF 30 contains humectants and emollients to help hydrate and soften your skin. It looks and feels like an ultra-light sunscreen spray very easy to use. It allows you to re-mist your face all long day to refresh your UV protection. The BASF Protecting Water Spray SPF 30 protects, refreshes and hydrates your skin!

The BASF solutions for your Protecting Water Spray SPF 30
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cetiol® Ultimate
100% renewable-based, volatile, ultra fast-spreading and dry emollient; a natural alternative to Cyclomethicone
Fast-spreading emollient
Light sensation during rubbing-in 
Soft & dry after-feel
Uvinul® A Plus
The only photostable UV-A filter on the market for reliable and long-lasting protection.
Long-lasting efficacy
Shielding against UVA radiation
Delays premature skin aging
Uvinul® MC 80
UVB filter
High cosmetic elegance 
Excellent solvent properties for other crystalline UV filters
Cetiol® B
Very good performance for solubilizing crystalline UV filters