Moisturization meets Tattooed Skin

Moisturization meets Tattooed Skin
Moisturization meets Tattooed Skin
Tattoos have become more and more popular in the recent years and now tattooed skin is a mainstream trend. Recognizing this, different brands introduced specific tattoo care products to the body care market. Over time tattoos radiance can be reduced. Tattoos can only make a great visual impact, if the skin is moisturized and healthy looking.

Formulated for men’s tattooed skin, the BASF Moisturization for Tattooed Skin moisturizes and supports the hydration level of the skin thanks to its combination of the active ingredients AMC™ Advanced Moisture Complex NP and Sphingoceryl™. The light formulation is easily absorbed and maintains a healthy looking skin supporting the effect your  tattoo looking freshly inked and vibrant.
The BASF solutions for Moisturization for Tattooed Skin
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cetiol® 4 All
High quality liquid emollient based on carbonate chemistryLight skin feel
Excellent skin tolerance
Excellent hydrolytic stability
Sphingoceryl VEG LS 8712
Phytoceramides from sunflowerImproves skin comfort
AMC Advanced Moisture Complex NPSynergistic complex of several effective moisturizersImmediate and long-term moisturization
Intense moisturization complex with water-binding properties