Shampoo meets Hydrating Care

Shampoo meets Hydrating Care
Shampoo meets Hydrating Care

“Dry” hair has a dull appearance, without tone and looks like straw.

The Hydrating Milk Cream Shampoo improves combability and suppleness of the hair. Such a good conditioning shampoo can give the consumer the perception of moisturized hair.

The shampoo formulation is a gentle, daily-cleansing formulation that not only conditions the hair but also moisturizes the scalp thanks to our active ingredients Hyalurosmooth™ and Almondermin™. Lamesoft® Balance stabilizes and enhances the milky appearance obtained with Lamesoft® TM Benz that helps to communicate the caring effect to the scalp and the hair fiber.

The gentle plant-based APG® surfactant Plantacare® 818 UP, in combination with Dehyton® PK 45, is an alternative to sulfate surfactants and provides excellent foaming and cleansing properties.

A wellness cure for your hair!

The BASF solution for your Hydrating Milk Cream Shampoo
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Dehyton® PK 45

Skin compatible amphoteric surfactant that can be used to reduce the irritation potential of traditional primary surfactants.

100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Suitable for sulfate-free solutions
Approved by COSMOS
Plantacare® 818 UP

A nonionic surfactant standing for first-rate environmental and skin compatibility profile, creating a perfect synergy of mildness, foaming performance and effective cleansing.

Outstanding and proven mildness
Mild and natural hair protecting surfactant
Excellent foaming and cleansing properties
Approved by COSMOS
Hyalurosmooth® LS 8998

Extracted from the Indian Cassia angustifolia

Provides intense wave of hydration inside your skin
Gives a shot of well-being making your skin radiant
Almondermin™ AF LS 8767

Complex of high molecular weight heteropolysaccharides from almond, marshmallow and flax

Provides skin elasticity, tightening and film forming effect on human hair
Improves the sensorial properties of damaged hair
Lamesoft® Balance

A biodegradable, efficient stabilizer for rinse-off products

Stabilization of opacifying / performance wax dispersions in surfactant systems
100 % naturally derived, biodegradable
Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE standards for natural cosmetics
Sensorial benefit in skin cleansing applications
Lamesoft® TM Benz

A wax dispersion for opaque body and hair cleansing preparations.

Opacifies surfactant preparations
Provides a creamy rich emulsion like appearance