Shaving meets Wo’Men Body Wash

Shaving meets Wo’Men Body Wash
Shaving meets Wo’Men Body Wash

Make your beauty routine quicker and easier with your shower and shave treatment in one step. This Wash, Shave and Go set includes the essential cleaning and shaving products you need to stay fresh.

The BASF Shower n Shave is a unique gel that delivers the convenience of a cleanser and shaving cream in one product. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth. Thanks to Dehyton® PK 45 and Lipofructyl® Argan, the BASF Shower n Shave gently cleanses and softens the skin producing an extremely dense and creamy foam, making shaving easier without irritating the skin. Women will feel embraced by the soft creaminess of the foam leaving skin fresh, clean and smooth.

Another formula was designed for men shaving: The BASF Shaving Gel for Men. This formula makes razor gliding easier and contains Dehyton® PK 45 for improved rinse-off. Men will love its use quickness and efficacy.

The BASF solution for your Shower n Shave
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Dehyquart® Guar N
Conditioning polymer with optimized cost-in-use. For all kind of opaque and pearlized rinse-off formulations.
Improves skin feel
Improvement of foam quality
Suitable for opaque formulations
Dehyton® PK 45
Skin compatible amphoteric surfactant that can be used to reduce the irritation potential of traditional primary surfactants
Excellent dermatological properties due to very low irritation levels under use conditions
Foam booster and viscosity builder
From 100% plant derived, renewable feedstocks
Suitable for sulfate-free solutions
Euperlan® PK 1200
This pearlescent concentrate for body and hair cleansing is cold processable and can be introduce in direct addition in any part of the process.
>70% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Suitable for sulfate-free solutions
Suitable for EO- and PEG- free solutions
Can be considered for Nordic Ecolabel
Lipofructyl® Argan LS 9779 Prepared by a 100% women cooperative network, this oil penetrates rapidly without leaving an oily or shiny effect but an extraordinary softness and sensory skin feeling. It nourishes dry skin by helping to restore the skin barrier and it is a sebo-regulator for greasy skin.
Approved by COSMOS