Styling meets Transforming Textures

Styling meets Transforming Textures
Styling meets Transforming Textures

Want to sculpt your hairstyle, create well-defined curls or wear a perfect and controlled brushing with an all-in-one product ?

The multi-use Transformation Styling Lotion combines the texture of a wax and a cream to create unlimited looks for all hair types and brings more control, volume and movement to the hair.

Our COSMOS approved conditioning polymer Dehyquart® Guar HP* and our silicone alternative Cetiol® Ultimate protect hair from heat for a smooth and cared hair feeling, as well as a long-lasting blow-dry hairstyle. In the same time, the combination of Rheocare® XGN and Hydagen 558 P, also approved COSMOS, brings a structured texture and a perfect hold.

Inspiration is limitless with this multi-use styler!

The BASF solution for your Transformation Styling Lotion
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Rheocare® XGN
Pure Vegan Xanthan Gum, excellent stabilizer and thickener for emulsions and surfactant-based formulations.
100% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Approved by COSMOS
Dehyquart® Guar HP
Conditioning polymer.
High conditioning performance
Compatibility with anionic surfactants
Approved by COSMOS
Cetiol® CC
Natural Multifunctional Polymer
100 % derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
Does not contain preservative
Recommended for natural / organic formulation concepts
Approved by COSMOS and NATRUE
Cetiol® Ultimate
100% renewable-based, volatile, ultra fast-spreading and dry emollient; a natural based alternative to Cyclomethicone.
Volatile, ultra fast-spreading, ultra light hydrocarbon emollient
Gives a silicone oil-like, powdery and waxy-dry skin feel
Recommended for concepts acc. to COSMOS, NATRUE