Face Care meets eco-conscious trend

Face Care meets eco-conscious trend
Face Care meets eco-conscious trend

Consumers actively seek effective and environmentally friendly Sun Care products. The challenge is to protect the skin and the environment, we are proactive in the New Outdoors trend to develop formulations and digital tools that take into consideration claims such as reef-safe, ocean-safe, blue light protection…
Regarding our formula High Performance Sun Lotion SPF 50, the efficiency of UV filters, Uvinul® A Plus, Uvinul® T 150 and Tinosorb® S combined with Tinosorb®A2B and Tinosorb® M provide full and high UVA & UVB protection at low concentration for a reduced environmental impact at high SPF50 protection. UV filters combined with the active ingredients Hydrasensyl® Glucan Green and DN-Aura® protect against dehydration and the formation of spots on the skin. Log in our Sunscreen Simulator and discover our latest updates. This formulation got 255 on our EcoSun® Pass tool. Have you tested yours?

The BASF solution for your Sun Care meets the new Outdoor
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Uvinul® a plus

The only photostable UVA filter on the market, for oil phase, with high formulation flexibility due to excellent solubility

Absolute photostable UVA protection Good compatibility with other UV filters and cosmetic ingredients
Excellent performance in radical protection
Suitable for sulfate-free solutions
Approved by COSMOS
Uvinul® T 150

The highest photo-stable absorption of UVB filters

Best efficiency even at lowest UV filter concentration
Highest photo-stable absorption of all available UVB filters
Odorless, colorless, suitable for perfume-free formulation
Tinosorb® S

The only and most efficient oil soluble broad spectrum UV filter. Outstanding photostability, efficient stabilizer for photoinstable UV filters.

High contribution to SPF
High UVA-PF already at low concentration
Best fit with all approaches in Sun Care
Tinosorb® A2B

The most efficient UVB/A2 filter ideal for environmentally enhanced systems without EHMC & OCR

Highly efficient photostable filter against UVB and UVA2 radiation
Highest SPF performance of all UV filters
Tinosorb® M

The broad-spectrum UV filter for the water phase

Broadest UV protection
Combines the best of both worlds, soluble and particulate
Water dispersible particles
Protection reaches into the visible range
Hydrasensyl Glucan Green

Purified, crystal-clear solution of a native Beta-Glucan with multiple efficacy.

Provides short-term, long-term and persistent hydration
Repairs and smoothens the skin, and quickly reduces erythema
DN-Aura® BC10011

Extract from the leaves of the Vietnamese tree “Langsat” or “Duku” (Lansium domesticum)

Reduces the melanin production by melanocytes
Helps shrinking pigmented spots