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Sunscreen Simulator

Better than ever: Our digital sunscreen simulator tool now includes a new “cockpit” functionality. The expanded new version also integrates the EcoSun Pass criterion for a fast and convenient overview of environmental compatibility of selected UV filter combinations. In addition, it enables easy evaluation of the interaction between ultraviolet filters and emollients.

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We are happy to introduce the newest evolution of BASF’s Sunscreen Simulator – still the original innovation tool and industry benchmark for formulators in the sun care business. And now with a greatly improved user experience!

Sunscreen Simulator serves as a recognized tool in the industry for estimating sun protection factor (SPF). In addition to the known performance parameters (SPF, UVA protection, photostability), you can now also perform calculations of protection against blue light irradiation and free radicals generation.

With Sunscreen Simulator 4.0, we provide formulators with an updated and customizable user interface. The new cockpit functionality guides you through the simulator and expands the options for creating and managing your projects and personnal data. Access to helpful scientific support has also been integrated into the cockpit.

Cost-effective in-silico testing and unlimited real-time calculations go now beyond the SPF and UVA metrics and include prediction of blue light and free radical protection. In addition to the simulation of the performance, the environmental impact of the selected UV filter system can now also be directly evaluated with the EcoSun Pass. The BASF Digital Sun Protection Lab provides invaluable support for formulators in the first stage of the development of a new sunscreen.

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A powerful tool – Now more effective than ever.

Today’s UV filters from BASF can effectively protect even very sensitive skin against high levels of ultraviolet radiation. As the industry benchmark for the past 20 years, BASF’s Sunscreen Simulator is the most powerful tool for supporting sun care producers in creating highest-quality, customer-oriented sun protection.