Sweet Senses

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Formulation Examples

Divine Caramel

Body Butter

The timeless beauty of naturally healthy skin: Divine Caramel butter contains natural karite shea lipids to repair the skin’s barrier function. Waxes and emollients in balance create a pleasant film that leaves the skin feeling gently protected. The rich caramel aroma evokes feelings of home and wellbeing.

Formulation SC-FR-14-013-A011

Bubble Rain

2 in 1 Shampoo Shower Gel

Precious moments of fun and pampering: a bubbling shampoo and bodywash, Bubble Rain is based on a well-selected combination of skincare ingredients and mild surfactants for a mild and gentle cleansing effect and preservation of the skin’s natural moisture balance. Interference pearls and opacifiers refract light and create a magical red glitter effect. The combination of bubbles and fairy dust creates a sensation of luxury, childhood memories and pure pleasure. 

Formulation HB-FR-14-004-A015