The Caring Touch

Love, nurturing, protection.

Formulation Examples

Active Foam

After Sun Mousse-to-Lotion

A caring finish to a day in the sun: this After Sun Mousse-to-Lotion feels light and fresh at first, but transforms into a rich and luxurious lotion during application, thanks to our innovative Switch-Oil Phase (SWOP™) Technology. The pleasantly light and fresh effect is based on volatile and fast-spreading emollients. The right selection of polymers leave the skin feeling smooth and pampered, while moisturizing actives provide effective and soothing care. A sense of all-around protection at the end of a day outdoors.

Formulation SC-DE 14-172-8

Suntouch Protection

Lotion-to-Oil SPF 50

Protection and nourishment for the skin: a fluid sun-care lotion with UV protection that combines a high level of UVB screening (SPF 50) with excellent, photostable UVA protection (SPF/UVA-PF ~ ½). Light and refreshing on application, it transforms into an oil when rubbed in leaving the skin smooth & protected. The caring massage effect is a feel-good sensation.

Formulation UV-DE-14-130-2-9


Shielding Shine

BB Body Lotion SPF20

Peace of mind for fun in the sun: BB Body Lotion provides sun protection and tanning all in one. A combination of efficient, broad-spectrum, UVB and UVA filters ensure photostable sun-screening, while selected effect pigments give the skin a tanned and illuminated look. Ultra & Fast-spreading emollients make it easy to apply and fastabsorbing. A smooth and powdery skin sensation creates a sense of nurturing and wellbeing.

Formulation CC-FR-12-002-A11