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From regional consumer trends to global megatrends – the world of cosmetics is multifaceted. It protects, it cares, it decorates – and it makes you feel good. We at BASF Personal Care are inspired and want to inspire and inform here in our little cosmos of well-being.

Whether it's explanations of ingredients or formulations, consumer questions or interesting facts from research, development and history – we provide solutions for body and hair care, sun protection and give answers. 

All about hair

Hair has a great influence on our well-being. Whether it's the right hairstyle, a cool beard or stunning eyelashes: hair decorates and makes us look good.

Until today, hair also helps to protect our skin and our body. Hair care is part of the daily ritual. Washing, setting, blow-drying - the perfect hair is ready. Or maybe not? The question of the right hair care cannot be answered in a general way. It is rather individual. 

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Hair and scalp

Hair - not just what is on your head

We are blessed with an abundant quantity of hair. We have several million of them. Only our hands, lips, soles of our feet, fingernails and toenails are hair free. Hair, part of our largest organ, our skin. The fact that they are "only" referred to as appendages does not do them justice.

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Hairstyles speak louder than words

If you want to change your appearance, there are a number of options and ways you can do this. New clothes are one option, so is new makeup. A trip to a cosmetic surgeon is certainly another one. But the most common way to change how you look is to go to the hairdresser.

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Microproteins for hair & soul

Referred to as skin appendages, we should not underestimate the importance: Hair - protection and hair decoration at the same time. Protection for the skin and body and jewelry for the soul, which makes us look good and healthy, but also helps us to start the day with confidence.

Hair and scalp

The scalp - more than just an outer shell

Bald people display it quite openly, for others it is hidden under a head of hair with more or less extravagant hairstyles: The scalp - more than an outer shell.

All about skin

Being mindful of yourself, leaving your cares behind – there’s often too little place for these things in our hectic daily life.

With a combination of nature, nutrition and healthy, sustainable cosmetics, a time-out has a direct, active benefit. When you feel the cool water on your bare feet, you know you’ve left the daily routine behind.

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Aging beautifully – how skin changes over time

It is estimated that girls born today will live on average to age 83; boys have a good 78 years ahead of them. The trend is going up. But that doesn't change the fact that our skin starts to show the first signs of aging around the age of 25. We are going to take a closer look at what happens - and how we can try to combat premature skin aging.

All about sun

“We love the sun. But we also know that sun protection is very important nowadays,” says Marcel Schnyder Head of Global Technical Center Sun Care in Grenzach. With the microsite, BASF wants to raise awareness for the importance of sun care.

We describe UV filters, skin types and the light spectrum and take a closer look at the sun's rays. Find everything worth knowing about the sun and useful tips on how to protect yourself. Discover All About Sun
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Too much of a good thing

"Did you pack the sunscreen?" Everyone has asked or heard this question right before leaving for their long-awaited vacation. When it's the nicest time of year, most people remember that sun protection is important. In everyday life they don’t. 

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UV filter: Hi-tech products

Before the first sunscreen came on the market in 1933, people could either avoid the sun or wear appropriate clothing to protect their skin from harmful radiation. Since then, knowledge about the danger of UV radiation has grown enormously.

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The sun, a superpower

Can you read a number with 30 zeros? It is called a quintillion. This super power plant located at the center of our solar system can impress us with many other "big numbers" that go beyond what we can even imagine. Here are some examples.

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No sun, no life on earth

The sun is the most inhospitable and hostile place imaginable: glowing hot, deadly radiation and devouring everything that enters its realm. Nevertheless, its light is considered the source of life on earth. How does that work together?